The right to be wrong

doug-robichaud-3531Us girls have a tough journey growing up, not only we need to discover how we are, we need to break rules of what society, our families and even our partners are expecting from us.

No need to be a mother to be a woman, no need to cook to have a home, no need of so many things in other to be whatever we wanna be.

Since we are little girls, we are been told how to behave, what to ware and what not to say in order to be ladies and to be successful in our life’s. Here, i don’t only wanna embrace the “be whoever you wanna be” i wanna embrace the “you have the right to be wrong” and that is the way to happiness.

How will you ever find out who you are if you don’t dare your self to try new things and how are you ever gonna try something new if you are scared to be wrong.

I wanna embrace the mistakes, this blessings that from distance seem so scary but when you look at them eye to eye, this are the things that made you who you before and this same ones will be the ones that will make you even more bad ass than you were before.


Go ahead…

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